Friday Fight #3

Last week we saw Cole McGrath from inFamous take on Alex Mercer from Prototype. What happened when these two very similar characters faced off against each other?

Alex Mercer heard all of the rumours that Cole wasn’t very well equipped to deal with chain link fences and was therefore using one from the outset as a shield. Cole’s main weapon is electricity…can see where this going? Thinking he had outsmarted his foe, Alex watched as Cole unleashed an extremely powerful lightning attack. The fence acted like a conductor and no matter how hard he tried to escape, Alex couldn’t free himself and finally fell to the floor, smoking.

Cole won 16 votes to 12 so who’s stepping up to the plate this week to topple Cole? COLE MCGRATH VS. NIKO BELLIC


Cole V Niko

Cole McGrath Pros:

  • Parkour skills that would embarrass the bloke following that bloke from the chase scene at the beginning of Casino Royale
  • Electricity-based powers including the ability to create Electric Storms
  • More stamina than a Duracell Bunny
  • Ability to fight whilst airborne
  • Cool-looking biker jacket
  • Better than Alex Mercer

Niko Bellic Pros:

  • Complete disregard for anyone’s safety
  • Good with all manner of weapons including rocket launcher
  • Can pilot helicopters
  • Friends in very high places
  • Cool accent

Cole McGrath Cons:

  • Needs to consume electricity regularly
  • Sluggish climber at times
  • Distracted easily by ‘Shards’

Niko Bellic Cons:

  • Struggles with doorways
  • Everyone else’s bitch
  • Limited ammo