‘Get In The Game’ Winners Announced

If you are unaware, Get In The Game is a scheme that has been set up by Northwest Vision and Media, partnered with Sony and produced by Pixel-Lab with the intention of nurturing rising talent and delivering original IP to the PSN. And now the winners have been revealed.

Five companies will each receive £10,000 to develop their prototypes and aid their pitch to Sony in Spring 2010, all in the hope that they will secure a full-production deal from Sony to bring their ideas to fruition. This scheme not only shows an interest in new and exciting ideas, it also supports the UK games industry (hope the government are taking notes). The 5 winners are:


Sony, Northwest Vision and Media, Pixel-Lab and Screen Yorkshire were all “blown away” by the quality of the ideas presented. They will now get 3 months with which to create something along the lines of a walk through demo, or even a playable demo, to vie for Sony’s commitment.

Pixel-Lab’s managing director said:

This year we have had a rush of new multiple platform projects, digital distributed games, and interesting control mechanics. It’s exciting that this project could lead to some very unusual games being produced.

Can’t wait to see what these guys have been coming up with and good luck to everyone involved.

Source: Get In The Game