Final Fantasy XIII Trophies Revealed

Looks like some people have got their hands on Final Fantasy XIII already over in Japan, and as such, the corresponding Trophies have been revealed. Warning, these Trophies may contain story spoilers and may pop up during the game itself ruining the immersion.



Assault Ruby
Master the Attacker Role

Destruction Sapphire
Master the Blaster Role

Guardian Topaz
Master the Defender Role

Hex Jade
Master the Jammer Role

Inspiration Amethyst
Master the Enhancer Role

Healing Emerald
Master the Healer Role


Limit Breaker
Deal over 100,000 damage to an enemy

Behemoth Hunter
Slay a wandering behemoth

Perfect Diamond
Learn all abilities to the fullest


Collector of All Things
Collect all weapons and accessories

The All Knowing Sage
Gain the complete knowledge of 100 different enemies

There’s also 16 hidden Trophies, said to belong to the story mode.

Thanks Syncya, via NovaCrystallis

Update: Seems this list is a bit off, I’ve now seen the trophies first hand, and this new list looks more like what would be featured in a localised version of the game. Furthermore, there aren’t 16 secret trophies, but 25, giving a grand total of 36 trophies.


Commando’s Seal
Mastered the Commando role.

Ravager’s Seal
Mastered the Ravager role.

Sentinel’s Seal
Mastered the Sentinel role.

Saboteur’s Seal
Mastered the Saboteur role.

Synergist’s Seal
Mastered the Synergist role.

Medic’s Seal
Mastered the Medic role.


Limit Breaker
Dealt 100,000+ damage with a single attack.

Adamant Will
Felled a heavyweight of the lowerworld wilds

Master’s Seal
Fully developed all characters.


Treasure Hunter
Held every weapon and accessory.

Discerned the full attributes of 100 enemies.