Friday Fight #4

…No! Not only did Niko lose against Cole, he got absolutely trounced; 25 votes to 17. But how exactly did Cole defeat Niko?

He called Niko on his mobile, posed as Roman and asked him to meet him at the very top of the Empire State Building. Once Niko was at the desired location, Cole used the building’s lightning conductor to stream thousands of volts down to Niko – the Serbian criminal died instantly.

This will be Cole’s 3rd week on Friday Fight, but this week he has a particularly formidable foe. COLE MCGRATH VS. NEMESIS.


Cole V Nemesis

Cole McGrath Pros:

  • Parkour skills that would embarrass the bloke following that bloke from the chase scene at the beginning of Casino Royale
  • Electricity-based powers including the ability to create Electric Storms
  • More stamina than a Duracell Bunny
  • Ability to fight whilst airborne
  • Cool-looking biker jacket
  • Better than Alex Mercer & Niko Bellic

Nemeis Pros:

  • Coakroach-like resilience
  • Skilled with weapons, especially rocket launchers
  • A long reach with massive hands and unbelieveable strength
  • Won’t stop until he’s completed his mission
  • Good with children

Cole McGrath Cons:

  • Needs to consume electricity regularly
  • Sluggish climber at times
  • Distracted easily by ‘Shards’

Nemesis Cons:

  • You can hear him from a mile away
  • One eye
  • Dodgy outfit