TSA Meets: Incoming

It has been a little while since we checked in with what is going on in the community game scheduling tool, TSA Meets but as schools, colleges, uni’s and even a few lucky work places break up for Christmas now is as good a time as any to have a look at the fun everyone could be having this weekend. For those that don’t know TSA Meets is a community powered online gaming meet-up tool. We welcome all members to join in on any Meet, but only members with over 250 TSA Points will be able to create their own Meets and arrange for others to put their name down to join them. Using the tool you can arrange a game of anything from Army Of Two to WWE Smackdown Vs Raw and loads in between across the PS3, 360 and even the PSP, the question as always is – what are you going to arrange next?

Kicking the weekend off in style is the Saturday evening DiRT2 Meet at 20:00 [GMT] if  mud, gravel, dust and of course DiRT are your thing, you’ll be foolish not to get your name down and get in on the action. Following hot on its heels is an Uncharted 2 Meet on Sunday at 20:00 [GMT] Drake should need no introduction so simply to say, make sure you’re one of the 10 to join in on TSA only games, and then later as the numbers dwindle taking the remaining players to face the outside world.

Monday is a busy day, at 14:00 [GMT] we have a Modern Warfare 2 Meet, these are enormous fun, even if its just to laugh at my appalling KDR%. Then later in the evening at 19:00 [GMT] is the regular Killzone 2 open Boot Camp session, these ‘Meets’ are completely open to everyone, there are no DLC requirements and you don’t even need a headset although as always online gaming is better with one. These open sessions are the ideal way for beginners to get to grips with the title in the online Warzone, as well as giving seasoned regulars a chance to fine tune their tactics. So if you’ve got a copy of Killzone 2 and want to get in on the action, then sign up for the Boot Camp in our TSA Meets community tool.


All of this leads to me wonder what you’re still doing here reading this – get your ass on over to the Meet Ups page and get your name down for some fun, friendly action.