TSA Advent Calendar: Day 24

So here we are. I have 3 minutes to go until Christmas and there’s still one advent door to open. Wait.. make that two minutes. Let’s see how much I can write about gaming trivia before midnight. Annnnd.. GO!

  • Nintendo have always made a profit at the end of every year, even with the Gamecube!
  • The PS2 was the first console to have the graphics capabilities better than that of the leading PCs when it was released.
  • The Playstation was originally supposed to be a part of the SNES (wait, you already knew that didn’t you?)
  • Matt Damon was supposed to be in the Bourne game, but then decided that he thought video games were too violent. You know, it’s not like the Bourne movies were at all violent..
  • Arguably the least successful video game of all time was ET for the Atari 2600. It was made in just five weeks and Atari produced 5 million cartridges for the game. They sold 1.5 million. A fantastic amount for any other game,  but when you consider that 3.5million were dumped into a landfill site in New Mexico, things don’t look quite so peachy. Actually, it did a bit better than Pac Man. They had to dump 4million cartridges! Talk about a rubbish game!

Well, I missed my mark. It’s 10 past 12. You can blame Florence + the Machine’s cover of You’ve Got The Love. It’s fantastic! I got distracted listening to that. Though anyway, the month’s build up has finally come to this. It’s finally here.

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a good one :)