GT 5 Gets YouTube Video Upload Function

In a last ditch attempt to squeeze just a little more out of 2009, the Japanese Asia Game Show 2009 has played host to a sneeky peek at Gran Turismo 5, according to GT Planet. Despite the underwhelming demo released last week, Gran Turismo 5 still has the potential to be absolutely massive, and hopes are still high that Polyphony Digital know exactly what they’re doing with the series.

The video above shows footage from two city courses, Rome and Madrid, and new video of the WRC and NASCAR events.  The presentation also re-iterated a few interesting bulletpoints: over 950 cars, over 20 locations (with 60 variations), the ability to export GT TV footage to the PSP, new physics, overturnable cars, moveable track objects (cones, I’d assume) and the ability to upload replay footage to YouTube.


March 2010 is also mentioned, although it’s only a ‘planned for’ date so I guess even the Asian release could slip.