Happy New Year

It’s New Year’s Day, which means today is the first day of both a new year and a new decade. Don’t worry, that all-consuming excitement will wear off soon enough. We’re here wishing you a happy New Year and a New Year’s dinner that is completely devoid of food poisoning and death. Oh, I’m sorry, did I ruin the mood?

We’re looking forward to writing our way into the upcoming year and decade so you can expect, er, loads of writing. The usual news and slightly odd humour will resume in due course. We’ll also have a review of Darksiders on the 8th (oooh), which you might/should be interested in reading.

For the time being, happy New Year/Decade and all that. Enjoy the awesome dinner you’re bound to be having today and don’t forget that your pants go on your legs, not your head, alright?