Lunchtime Discussion: Resolution

No, not that kind of resolution, this kind has nothing to do with pixels at all. It’s New Year, which is the customary time to begin a New Year’s resolution, otherwise it wouldn’t be called a New Year’s resolution in the first place. Since we’re a gaming site, you can all make resolutions in the comments below, but they have to be gaming related. You can also make resolutions up for gaming characters if you are sufficiently funny and choose to do so. Why the hell not?

I like assume that Nathan Drake’s New Year’s resolution would be to avoid both jumping off of very tall things and to stay the hell away from clowns. Meanwhile, Sonic is probably vowing to stop being abused by Sega and actually bring out a good Sonic game. In 2D. Looks like Sonic might come through, but, if we’re lucky, Mr. Drake’s resolution will crash and burn, because there’s no interesting gameplay in a game where he’s sat next to the fireplace reading the Lord of the Rings.

Uh, anyway. Commence your gaming resolutioning (new word).