Medal Of Honour: A Bit Like Call Of Duty

Official Xbox Magazine has a big feature on EA’s Medal of Honour this month, but they’ve let slip five details about the game ahead of the mag’s release in order to whet your appetite (and get people reading the site, too, I’ll wager).  I don’t want to sound like Simon Smartypants (and I still need another coffee yet) but four of the five bullet points sound a little bit familiar to me…

  • Medal Of Honour takes place in Afghanistan. I know the bit in Modern Warfare 2 was rather short (thankfully) but there was definitely some running about in the desert.  I remember it well, because it ended up in a jeep with unlimited ammo for a small machine gun and bullets that could destroy enemy vehicles without even aiming.  Loved that bit.
  • You can shoot out lights and use night-vision. There weren’t enough indoor bits in MW2 for me and I certainly never bothered doing the FPS staple of trying to shoot out the lights, but there was definitely night-vision – you had to use it in that bit when you were in the big house and it went a bit dark because something happened in the sky.  Can’t remember what.  Loved that bit, though.
  • There will be multiple playable characters. Snap.  None of the characters in MW2 actually had much in the way of ‘character’ – barring one, of course – but you were generally thrown about from body to body without warning or chance to figure out what was going on as the game’s ‘story’ progressed towards it’s crescendo.  Loved those bits.
  • Features sprinting and knife melee attack. Oh, look, sprinting and a knife melee attack, which you had to do once in the training level and then hopefully from that point on you weren’t so stupid to let the enemy get close enough to actually need stabbing – you are given loads of guns, remember?  Except when you didn’t have a gun because the story dictated that you have to crawl around lots of red stuff for ages with just 5 bullets.  Loved those bits, too.

Well,you get the idea – EA are obviously envious of the ridiculous success the Modern Warfare brand carries, and want a bit of that back.  The first Medal of Honour was great fun, so I for one glad am that it’s coming back – my thoughts on the latest Call of Duty should be well enough known to regular readers – I’m really not a fan – so let’s hope 2010 brings a little more balance to the FPS genre.