Toki Returns

This is a blast from the past I was not expecting. 20+yrs old arcade game ‘Toki’ is getting a shiny new HD remake for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. For you young ‘uns, Toki was a side scrolling arcade game in which you play a phlegm shooting monkey. Yes, a spitting simian – remember this game was created before political correctness ruled the world, when Sega ported the game to the Megadrive it was known as the rather rude “Toki: Going Ape Spit”.



Even with such a child pleasing aspect as a gobbing gibbon the game was only a minor hit in the UK arcades and I only just remember it from the Amiga port. Business development director for Golgoth Studio, Anthony De Sa Ferreira, talked to Digital Spy had this to say..

“When we started to work on the Toki remake, our first concern was to keep the original spirit of the game and at the same time create something really modern. Our wish is for people who have played the original to immediately recognise Toki and say it’s a good remake. We chose to make it modern 2D, so it can be shown off to a new generation of players.”


The game is scheduled for spring 2010 and the Gologoth studio plans for retro remakes do not stop there,

“We are interested to work on some old IP like Wonderboy, Ghouls ‘N Ghosts, Windjammers, Dungeon & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara or Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.”