SCEE Have “No Plans” For Demon’s Souls

I’ll admit, I’ve only played the first three levels of Demon’s Souls but it’s bloody brilliant so far – it’s a great looking, massive in scope action Role Player with a huge number of very cool and clever features (you can leave messages for other players, inhabit their games and watch their final moments too) and, should you pick up the US version, is obviously entirely in English.

However, SCEE have said that they have “no plans” to bring the game to Europe.  This is a real shame, in the absence of a Final Fantasy just yet, Demon’s Souls should have been a January release and would have carried us through this snowy first couple of weeks as the world gears up for the madness that will be March.  Still, there’s nothing stopping you importing the game, apart from the cost.


Thanks, Hazalam.