Spec Ops: The Line “The Most Provocative Shooter You’ve Ever Played.”

GameSpot have just posted up an informative look at 2K Games’ upcoming AAA shooter, Spec Ops: The Line. For those out there who may still be somewhat in the dark regarding the game, we highly recommend checking out the video interview – dutifully embedded for your viewing pleasure below. For those of you unable to view video at the moment (or are just plain lazy), here are the main points revealed by producer Greg Kasavin, lead designer Corey Davis and art director Matthias Wieser from Yager.

For the really uninitiated, Spec Ops: The Line takes place in Dubai in the near future after catastrophic sandstorms have rendered the city uninhabitable. You play Captain Walker, a Delta Force squad leader who has dropped in to the U.A.E. city on a rescue mission to find Col. Conrad, a philanthropic solider who has stayed behind to help those citizens of the now stricken city who couldn’t get out in time. There would appear to be a strong theme of morality in the game, with producer Greg explaining how a choice between what is moral and what is necessary permeates the narrative. Your decisions will also influence how the game – in the now and in the future – pans out.


Players can expect a dynamic environment to play around with. For example:  shooting a window causes sand to spill out offering a new opportunity to enter a building through in a different route. The game also touches upon its influences and, without mentioning any specific titles, there’s the sense that the team have no problem admitting that recent unnamed titles (we’re thinking Uncharted 2, Gears of War and even Modern Warfare 2) have helped shape The Line. The guys also touch upon the squad mechanics a little, stating that you can direct your team with simple commands. Of course, if you’re not bothered, the AI will kick in and the other squad members will act accordingly; helping you out with no direction whatsoever.

Interestingly, the multiplayer aspects of the game (which are being developed by a dedicated team) will carry over the intense narrative from the single-player story. So, don’t expect the multiplayer element to simply be a mindless online frag-fest as facets of the game’s larger plot will be revealed in co-op and other online modes. Spec Ops: The Line will be out in Q3 2010.

Thanks VG247