Battlefield Bad Company 2 “First Strong Attack On Call of Duty”

If Modern Warfare 2 has achieved one accolade – apart from bumper sales and becoming the UK’s third most popular game ever – it’s how it is now viewed as the benchmark other companies and FPS franchises must surpass. Speaking in the latest issue of MCV, Senior Vice President Europe at EA, Jens Uwe Intat, has spoken out about how EA “were number one” and won’t be lying down in the fight for FPS superiority.

In March we will launch Battlefield Bad Company 2, which is our first strong attack on Call of Duty. The shooter space is one we don’t want to give up. It’s an important genre and we were the number one. So we are all certainly working on how we can get that crown back and Battlefield Bad Company 2 is an important product in that context. The franchise is strong, with a good product record. If any of our studios can take on Modern Warfare then it’s DICE.

Strong words. If you want to get an idea of why some people believe DICE may have already trumped Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2, check out the below footage of the game’s multiplayer in action (courtesy of Joystiq).


In other related Battlefield Bad Company 2 news, DICE producer Gordon Van Dyke has confirmed to VideoGamer that there was no favouritism shown toward the PS3 when a recent beta for the game was run on the console. Though wanting to run one on the 360 as well, unfortunately logistics and legalities got in the way. Van Dyke says:

“It’s just logistics. If we could have done a beta on all of them we would have. We can’t go into all the details, because some of it has to do with legal stuff, but it was really just logistics.”

A PC beta for the game is still planned for the end of January.