October’s Games With Gold Are Battlefield: Bad Company 2 And Darksiders 2

Microsoft have announced the latest additions to Games With Gold, their rival service to PlayStation Plus. This month finds two relatively creaky titles joining the Xbox 360 playlist, Darksiders 2 from the now defunct THQ, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2, a fantastic game but one that is over four years old now.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be available from October 1st until October 15th and then Darksiders 2 replaces it from October 16th until the end of the month.


Xbox One owners fair a little better with Super Time Force dropping out of the list and being replaced by the brand new indie title,  Chariot. However the main title, Crimson Dragon, remains in place for the third month in a row.

October’s PlayStation Plus games will be announced on October 1st but we know that in addition to the usual two PlayStation 4 games, subscribers will also receive a cut down version of DriveClub.

Source: Press Release



  1. Been wanting to play Darksiders 2 and Chariot sounds decent enough. BFBC2, I’m surprised EA haven’t switched off the servers by now.

  2. “BFBC2, I’m surprised EA haven’t switched off the servers by now.” – What?! Turning off the BC2 servers should be punishable by death!
    I randomly hopped on there a few weeks back & there was still quite a few people on every map I chose. Then my leg started to ache so I gave up hopping and proceeded to walk.

    • Ha ha, you know what EA are like, they’ve shut down games that are barely a year old before.

      • It’s true – Their sports franchises are especially bad for it.

        “EA Sports. It’s in the game”… Unless the game is over a year old.

  3. I did sigh when I saw Chariot but having watched YouTube video it looks great. I’m happy with BFBC2 and Darksiders 2 too. Old titles on 360 but I’ll give them a go, well I have played BC2 and did like it.

  4. BFBC2 is the best Battlefield game, imo!

    • Your opinion is correct.

      • BC2 was the game that got me into Battlefield games & opened my eyes to military shooters online in general.

        Many many good times were had with various TSAers over many many play sessions.

      • They really should release a download pack for BF4 with the BC2 maps for the new gen.
        Give the characters the same kits too and make you unlock all the weapons. In other words, just re-release it on the PS4 now god damn it!

  5. I actually wouldn’t mind getting Darksiders 2. I know you can pick it up pretty cheap now but free is even better.

  6. Blimey! Talk about accessing the back catalogue!

    Still bloody good games though.

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