GT 5 Delayed, Again

Say what you want about the most recent ‘March’ date for Gran Turismo 5, but it’s been delayed again according to this Japanese press release, and will no longer meet that March release window.  It looks like it’s been delayed at least another month (with the company advising that they’ll update us on a new date as soon as possible) although some are reporting that the release has been pushed back at least three months.

ソニー・コンピュータエンタテインメントジャパン(SCEJ)(※1)は、「プレイステーション 3」(PS3®)専用オンラインカーライフシミュレーター『グランツーリスモ5』(GT5)の発売日を制作上の都合により、当初ご案内しておりました2010年 3月から延期することを決定いたしましたのでご案内申し上げます。



We’ll check, unless anyone else can provide a more comprehensive translation.  In terms of the European release, “this information on the GT release is only applicable for the Japanese market” SCEE said this morning in a statement to Eurogamer. “SCEE will announce the launch date for this game in the PAL territories in due course.”  So this might not affect the release date for the European version, not that we have one yet…


Thanks, Pat.