Catan And Hamster Ball Rated

Unfortunately not as humourous as its other recent rating, the ESRB have also turned their probing eye on two new puzzle/strategy games. Catan, which is actually based on a popular board-game – The Settlers of Catan – and already available on XBL, is a strategic world-builder. The entry is so succinct, in fact, we can actually cut and paste it here in its entirety:

This is a strategy game in which players set up and develop a settlement on a game board. The goal is to complete the settlement first. Players can build structures, roll dice to collect resources, and trade products with others.

Hamster Ball is exactly what it sounds like. Players guide a ball (hamster included) through a maze-like series of platforms. Expect ramps, funnels, and an arena mode where you get to push fellow competitors’ hamster-balls on to spikes.


Both games are rated “Everyone”. Unlike Nier, which is apparently targeted at vulgar, swearing hermaphrodites (with great cleavage).