Needlemouse Cast Announced

It’s been a hectic week of promotion and hype-building for Sega. This evening they have finally announced the Playable Character list for their new take on the Sonic franchise. Here it is, for you to pore over:

  • Sonic

There, that’s it.


Hurrah! Finally Sega seem to have listened to the legions of fans from around the world and announced that the upcoming Sonic game will have only one playable character and it will be the Spikey Blue guy we all loved long before the introduction of irritating foxes, girl hedgehogs or lunar-related transformations. You can all mark this day on your calendars as the day I officially (re)declared my love for Sega again.

Oh, there’s also this bit of character concept art which shows one of the Crabmeat enemies from the Green Hill Zone. At least that’s what I think it shows. Thanks Sega, I love you too.