GT5 To Have New Moves

I like a good waggle.  I’ll even settle for a mediocre one if I’m stressed enough. So, I was intrigued to hear about  Kazunori Yamauchi’s mention of waggle in next year’s Gran Turismo 5.  What?  It’s not coming out next year?  Are we sure?

Anyway, Mr. Yamauchi had a chat to USA Today about GT5 and he was asked about the possibilities for motion control.  He described the concept as having “…infinite possibilities…” and being a “…major possibility…”.  On the specifics of motion control featuring in GT5 he had news approximately as exciting as the recent Stoke versus Liverpool football match.  To give you an indication of how excited you should feel, the most exciting things about said match were: The nice tone from the ref’s initial blast on the whistle to start the first half. That’s it. Expectations set sufficiently low, here’s what Kazunori had to say.


It might be used to maybe control the user interface like you would a mouse, but that’s the extent we would use it for.

On reflection, that’s a tad more exciting than watching Rory Delap play handball football.

Source: USA Today, via:, via: a news tip from ii3illy

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