The PS3 Was Castlevania: Lords of Shadow’s Lead Console

If Konami’s upcoming Castlevania: Lords of Shadow isn’t up to scratch on the PS3 for any reason, at least we know it’s not because the console wasn’t given the due attention. Confirming on the official Lords of Shadow Twitter account, Konami’s David Cox has stated that the PS3 was the lead console during the title’s development.

It’s good news for us all, as though games developed on the PS3 as lead platform usually perform just as well on its main competitor, the same can’t be always said for the other way around. Regardless of what we end up playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on, David is confident we won’t tell the difference:


“PS3 is the lead platform, but the game is identical on both formats.”

David also confirms that you won’t be able to move the camera in the game. But that’s OK, just keep the frame rate up and the loading times down, and we’ll be happy.

Source: PS3Center