Castlevania: Lords of Shadow ‘Reverie’ DLC Dated

Konami has finally set a release date for the upcoming Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DLC. The content will be available in Europe on March 30th for €7.99/£6.39 (800 MS Points). A release date has not been announced for North America yet.

As you may remember, Reverie is just the first of two DLCs coming to Castlevania. According to the press release, the expansion spans three stages in length and provides a “breath-taking twist to the game’s plot” which will segue right into the second DLC.

Check out the new trailer below.

Source: Press Release, YouTube


  1. Really want this game, but I’m still waiting for the price to go down.

    • it’s like 21 pounds in Shopto and totally worth it. One of the best games I played in recent years.

      • I totally didn’t get on with it at all. I think its because I played through the god of war trilogy just before it, and gow is far superior in every single aspect. I really thought I was going to love castlevania but just found it a total yawnfest

      • They only a shadow to Devil May Cry hehe..

      • I wanted LOS to be good but I found it a proper slog, slow, boring and uninspired. Best castlevania was on the SNES. Awesome game :-)

  2. the game had such an epic ending. i really really want to see where it goes or how it gets there but i just don’t have the spare cash at the mo to fork out and get this! darn

  3. Really neeed to complete this, any tips on defeating the titan? (not ice one) the second boss basically

    • Use one of the shards, can’t remember exact name but those scary kill everything snake woman thing crystals, right at the start and each of the weakpoints should only need one hit.

      • Thanks, will have to play it more

  4. i have had to register just to say, i played this first then god of war and walked right through god of war no problem, not one part did i have to think of what to do , or did i have any problem with killing anything, god of war is amazing game and the way it plays, but it is just not lords of shadow and is far easyer to play than lords of shadow,
    i think what ever one you play first you will like best,
    the story in gow is classic Greek myth great stuff.
    but i just love lords of shadow and will happily quit my job and sell my girlfriend on ebay for the 2 new dlc packs

    • lotta love for LOS here, this dude is even willing to sell his GF lol

  5. omg i just seen the devil may cry comments, more like i cry my eyes out when i played it £6.99 and a trip down town to pick it up only to get back on the bus for a nice give me my money back, what is this crap i have no dam receipt so what,
    gift card sir, dam right

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