Lunchtime Discussion: What Gamers Want

Today’s discussion on what we really want comes from Killzone 2 god and all round nice guy ColinBarr66.

Developers are often criticized for releasing updates to established series instead of taking a risk on a fresh new idea but what do gamers actually want? Games like Call of Duty and FIFA sell by the truck-load every year but are criticized for lack of innovation. These games are safe to make as developers and publishers know there is a loyal fan base there that will purchase the game no matter what is done to the game. However lets not forget that these series were once new and risky, they could have failed but years of hard work has made them a success.

Say a developer produces a brand new innovative game and it is successful, catching the imagination of players, would that make the developers lazy by spawning a series from a fantastic game? Sure the basic innovation has gone but they can now focus on improving existing features and adding onto them plus gaining experience which can be used to create new games. Do you want developers to stop producing games for existing series, perhaps spacing them out more, or take a big risk and create a brand new title?