Rock Band Network Naughty Words

The Rock Band Network is a new way of artists getting their tunes on Rockband and it is currently undergoing beta testing. The artists will be able to publish songs which will the be available for download on Xbox via the usual channels. Rockband gets new tunes, up and coming artists get royalties, everyone is happy. As Rock Band is a family game Harmonix have helpfully included a list of very naughty words you cannot use in your songs. I’m sure you can imagine what some of them are but there are one or two words that are in the list that even I don’t understand. ‘Anusdrill’? I’ve risked googling that word and there are no results.

Also included on the ban list are the words ‘Spaghetti Cormorant’, ‘Monstrosity’ and ‘God’. I’m not entirely sure God is going to happy about being banned.


Update: It appears “Spaghetti Cormorant”” is not some strange sexual practise, it is a made up word that orginally appeared in an update of audio software package ‘Reaper’. I’m guessing the Rockband folks use Reaper and added it as an in-joke.