Relentless: Buy One Toad Get One Free.

The Great God Nofi has spoken, his voice booming across the internet. “Do better!” he commanded to Blue Toad developers, Relentless. They cowered in fear and quickly planned a response to please their God. Yes, Nofi is that powerful, we have to be careful in TSA Towers as when he makes a cup of tea his gentle swirling of the teaspoon is enough to create tornadoes.

Following criticisms that the series does not offer value for money episode three from the Blue Toad Murder Files will be available for free . This episode will be available to anyone who has purchased episode one and then subsequent episodes 4-6 will available as one pack for £9.99.


“We’ve had great reviews and feedback for the content and quality of Blue Toad, but we would be arrogant to overlook peoples’ concerns about the cost and replayability of an episode,” said the game’s producer, Jade Tidy. “As the publisher of Blue Toad we had the opportunity to tackle one of those issues immediately and I’m thrilled that we decided to take this brave step to address it.”

“We’ve made something we’re all very proud of, and knowing people have enjoyed our game enough to ask us when the next episode comes out makes us very happy.”

Source: Eurogamer