Spec Ops: The Line Designer Talks Titles, Sand

Yager’s Cory Davis has been talking about upcoming TPS (Third Person Sandstorm) title Spec Ops: The Line. Speaking over what looks like some new footage of the game to GameTrailers, the Lead Designer touches upon what the title’s subtext alludes to.

It’s open to interpretation. It’s the line that soliders approach as they enter combat situations that are extremely difficult, as far as grey area types of situations. We put the player in lots of situations where he has to make decisions between his mission and the moral preconceptions he arrived with on the scene. We’re putting our focus on a very strong layer of narrative. It’s exciting for us as we follow a group of characters that take a journey into the heart of darkness.

Cory also touches more on the plot of the game. We already know Dubai has been devastated by a sandstorm of almost biblical proportions and that famed Delta Forces founder Col. John Conrad was in the city working on an evacuation plan when the cataclysmic event struck. We now learn that the rescue mission – the task that you as Captain Martin Walker must lead into the city – actually takes place a few years after the city’s destruction, when a distress signal is detected emanating from what was long thought to be a wasteland containing no survivors.


Cory also makes another reference to a Heart of Darkness tale, Francis Ford Coppola’s seminal Vietnam epic Apocalypse Now, and how Spec Ops: The Line is strongly influenced by this classic story of right, wrong and the shades of grey in between.

The second half of the interview includes Cory discussing how sand dynamically affects your experience in the game. Not much new here, but we do get to see more of Walker in action, valuting over obstacles and blind-shooting. All of which looks frenetic and a whole lot of fun.

We still have a long wait before Yager’s game makes an appearance at the end of this year. Despite how far it is out, we think this is one to watch and could surprise a lot of people come year’s end.