Spec Ops: The Line Likely Won’t Be Getting A Sequel

Bad news for anyone with fond memories of Spec Ops: The Line, as it appears there’s no sequel coming for the third-person shooter. It received mostly positive reviews by critics and quite a few people enjoyed the plot, but according to the developer, the market for shooters is tough to crack.

During a recent chat with Gamestar, Timo Ullman, the Managing Director at Yager Development, had this to say about falling short of the retail success only a few other shooters achieve.


If you can’t compete with the big ones [military shooter franchises], the risk is too big. The market for ‘smart’ or ‘intellectual’ games is too niche. Elitist, almost.

While it’s surely a bummer for fans, Yager have moved on and are now working on Dead Island 2, so at the very least we can be happy this didn’t lead to the closing of another studio.

Source: Gamestar via IGN



  1. Its a shame, I really enjoyed Spec Ops, however I dont like his reasons for it. The plot was pretty standalone, so a sequel would be a bit forced if it continued, maybe a different story in the same city would have worked. But to not do it, because of the risk is weak, imo.

    The reason the shooter market particularly is tough to crack, is precisely because publishers wont take a risk. Without innovation, this industry is in trouble and innovation only comes with risk.

    • I think the risk he is talking about is losing money, we don’t know how much spec ops made but can’t imagine that much, most people like myself didn’t know of the game until ps plus offered it.

      • That’s the nature of a creative industry, you have to take risks. If you don’t risk losing money by investing in new ideas, then they shouldn’t be in a creative industry.

    • severn, you are coming across as unnecessarily angry, no company in any industry can survive by surplying a product that not enough people want.

  2. One of the best games of last gen, a platinum worthy the fight! I don’t see where else they could have taken the game anyway die to ending ( I know 2 different endings) Dubai setting made it one of a kind.

    Glad there is no sequel, some masterpiece should never be touched, let them age how they are

    • The were actually four endings.. Although I had to google to get them all.

  3. Love this game, shame that there won’t be a follow up.

    I know the story is hard to spawn a sequel from, but if they could’ve written a brand new story, new cast and new location, while maintaining the atmosphere and the brilliant gameplay, that wouldn’t have mattered at all.

  4. I’d love a similar style game, it wouldn’t have to be a direct sequel and I’d love it. I know Yager are also working on some sort of spaceship game, Dreadnought or something which looks quite good.

  5. Great game, the hardest Platinum I have achieved. The part where you fall down a hole and ambushed while you wait for your squad, was seriously punishing.

    This game nearly sent me over the edge with rage…but it was a fantastic game though.

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