Get Spec Ops And Duke Nukem Forever (YEAH!) For £20 On PSN

Following on from the rather tasty Tomb Raider price cut over the weekend, the PSN Store in Europe will be offering the apparently quite good Spec Ops: The Line and the not-so-great Duke Nukem: Forever for £20 in a rather odd first person bundle-em-up.


The offer, which will run to the is-it-midnight-or-not 11.59am on the 4th April, replaces a similarly value-boosting £15.99 sale on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, which we missed because the PlayStation Blog didn’t update the title of the post beyond the number at the end.

Anyway, yeah, the duo should be £65.98 combined, but they’re there for a penny under £20.



  1. Spec Ops is apparently excellent so it seems to be worth £20 on it’s own. Duke Nukem Forever however, is not. I’ve played the demo and seen enough gameplay footage as well as reading several reviews in order to form an opinion of it. It is shit, okay not shit but below average at best and it’s the result of the long development cycle and the different developers. A few years later, Alien:CM is released and that too is below average. I think Gearbox may want to avoid getting games that have had long development cycles. ;)

    Anyway, getting back on topic. You may as well pop down to game and buy Spec ops and another game for £20 as they may have something you want under their 2 for £20 deal.

    • Is Spec Ops in the 2 for 20 quid deal? On their website it’s 19.99 new or 16.99 preowned. Tempted to get this deal but if Spec Ops really is in the 2 for 20 then a trip into town would be better.

      • I think it is in the deal. I’m not 100% sure but i have seen it in my local Game as part of that deal. The 2 for £20 deal is preowned though so you may have to buy an online pass for it. It’s worth checking your local Game.

  2. Yes this is a weird bundle and the presence of Duke means I won’t be handing over my cash. I did pick tomb raider up for the excellent price and I’m really glad I did, its excellent so far!

  3. 11:59am is 1 minute to midday, about as far from midnight as you can get.
    AM=Ante Meridian (before midday)
    PM=Post Meridian (after)

    Latin for the masses.

    Carpe Hopium (Seize the beer!)

  4. Spec Ops is currently available on PC for $4 from Gamefly in a bundle with The Darkness 2

    Gotta love ridiculously cheap PC deals.

  5. In game you can get both pre owned for £10 in Brum anyway

  6. Avoid Duke Nukem. OH GOD PLEASE AVOID IT!!

  7. Im possibly tempted by this just for Spec Ops mmm do I don’t I decisions decisions.

  8. I bought DN before Xmas and still haven’t had the guts to put it in my Ps3 as yet.

  9. Again, so much hate for Duke, the game ain’t perfect but I enjoyed it a hell of a lot more than Black Ops or Battlefield 3.

    Half life it is not, but then again, what else is?

    • I agree, not the complete turkey it was made out to be and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

  10. Disappointing deal, can get both cheaper in the real world. Still I’ve splashed out on a few cheap titles and fancy getting the walking dead after playing the first one for free.

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