Lunchtime Discussion: The Ides of March

That’s right “beware the Ides of March“, although probably not for the same reasons as poor Julius Caesar. While you may not have to fear assassination, and even if you do, March does present the distinct possibility of bankrupting you. With the wealth of games now being added to by the inevitable announcement of GTA IV’s Episodes From Liberty City, you really are running the risk of the publishers and developers taking all of your money. Sadly I’ll be unemployed at that point, but my LoveFilm account will likely be getting a bit of a hammering.

So is the situation really that bad? Well here’s what I’ve managed to pull together from March using my investigatory skills. God of War III, Dead or Alive Paradise, Final Fantasy XIII, Just Cause 2, Heavy Rain, Mega Man 10, Metro 2033, Quantum Theory, Red Steel 2, Resonance of Fate (maybe), Split Second and Supreme Command 2. That list may not be complete, but it’s every title I could find that caught my eye as something I’d be interested in. And before anyone mentions it, yes Red Steel 2 is on the Wii, but it’s still something interesting. I’m also aware the Heavy Rain is in February, but I felt bad leaving it off and it’s the closing days of the month.

Of course it’s not all doom and gloom for your March finances. Capcom, in a move of sanity or pity, have pushed back the majority of their title to a little later – around April/May – meaning that those of us that work will at least have been paid again by the time those titles come around.


Anyway I’ll keep this short. Off of that list, and anything else I may have missed, what will you be picking up? Let us know!