TSA Fixes Sony’s PR – Take That, Xbox 360

About a week ago Microsoft were on a PR offensive with both Aaron Greenburg and Phil Spencer making themselves available in all the usual places talking about what’s in store for the Xbox 360 in 2010 and beyond. We learned that Natal will be a whole new experience for gamers, Natal will open previously closed doors, Natal this and Natal that, in fact we learned the completely made-up fact that every third word Greenburg says is ‘Natal’.

Spencer on the other hand  is perfectly capable of forming sentences which don’t include the word Natal, and we summed up just how strong Spencer thinks 2010 is for the 360 earlier this week – and very strong it is indeed.

Sony were quick to follow this up with – well – nothing. Not to fear though, I’m more than willing to step up to the plate and take on the mantle of Sony PR for the day. Below is a snapshot of the blockbusters (and exclusives) coming to the PS3 throughout the year – Sony, feel free to copy and paste and stick on Games Press.

For a more comprehensive look at the year ahead for the PlayStation 3 I recommend reading our legendary ‘Games Of 2010’ series. Go on, it’s enormous and one of the best things you’ll ever read.

  • M.A.G.: A new kind of war may be coming, well actually it’s already here, but the ramifications of Zipper’s 256 player shooter will reverberate for a long time to come. Featuring action on a never-before seen scale, and whilst the big number is attracting all the headlines, to not talk about the intricate command structure and the excellent FPS action would be doing the title a huge disservice.
  • Heavy Rain: How far are you prepared to go to save someone you love? Heavy Rain is an involving thriller in which you shape the story, if Uncharted2 opened the door for the lines to be blurred by what’s is possible in a videogame, then Heavy Rain looks set to kick the door down and shout “Hollywood, gaming has arrived!”
  • God Of War III: In the end there will only be chaos! Kratos is coming to the PlayStation 3 and the gods are running scared. Immerse yourself in epic battles with epic bosses on a scale never seen before. Finally resolve the long standing feud with the gods and take vengeance on a merciless quest to destroy Mount Olympus and the mighty Zeus himself. Zeus will pay!
  • Bioshock 2: Despite being late to the PlayStation party Bioshock has rightly been held up as one of the finest examples of the genre, this time you play the part of the very first Big Daddy as you travel through the decrepit and beautiful fallen city of Rapture, chasing an unseen foe in search of answers to preserve your own survival.
  • Final Fantasy: Not only the latest installment, XIII, but the spin off Versus XIII and a whole new game – XIV – exclusively on consoles, and the PlayStation 3 is the place to be to enjoy the 85m selling series to its fullest extent this year.
  • Home: Yes, Home receives varied feedback from all corners but with the launch of Xbox Live’s Game Room, Home may just be about to come into its own and leverage its established community with the added focus on gaming and maybe even arcade cabinets in your Home Apartment (and other stuff which was mentioned in the pre-launch hype) – Sony PR, you might want to edit that last bit a bit.
  • SingStar: Get your mates round, get competitive and have an absolute blast! SingStar is without doubt the premier music entertainment game in the world bringing family and friends together like no other. The franchise which has brought consistent quality compilation releases along with your favourite artists like Queen, Motown, Abba and Take That will go from strength to strength.
  • Dead Nation: Everyone loves killing Zombies, but there is one thing that is even better and that’s killing zombies in a title developed by Housemarque previously responsible for the amazing Super Stardust HD.
  • Starhawk: It is a well known fact that Warhawk is the greatest online title ever made, and although nothing is yet known about the sequel I’m ready to declare it the best thing ever, and yes that’s in the history of everything ever made not just gaming.
  • Gran Turismo 5: We’ve had a Prologue, and we’ve had the GT Academy and as super realistic as they are we know they’ll be a pale shadow of the full game, featuring around 1,000 cars rendered in the finest detail ever seen in a video game racing around 70 circuits. Gran Turismo is the racing simulator.

In addition to the above blockbusters, the PlayStation platform has a series of additions which if leveraged correctly will leave the brand on a huge upwards curve all the way through 2011 and beyond.

  • Blu-ray: Yes, Blu-ray is a separate entity to the Playstation 3, but Sony’s black beauty is intrinsically linked to Blu-ray’s success.  We are at the point where the majority of homes have a HD capable TV, and Blu-ray represents the best of high definition in an unrivalled quality that can’t be found in any other medium. Hollywood is making more ‘WOW!’ blockbusters than ever and the Blu-ray format will become impossible for the mainstream public to ignore, and what better value a Blu-ray player is there than a PS3?
  • ARC: Precisely 68% of the worlds population has a Nintendo Wii gathering dust, and why? Well, the huge sales success is down to the fact that people like accessible ‘local’ multiplayer gaming, but its gathering dust because outside of Wii Bowling, motion controls are yet to capture people’s imagination beyond five minutes of fun. With the PlayStation Motion Controller (ARC) pixel-perfect precision and the power of the PlayStation, motion controlled gaming is coming home!
  • 3D: Long gone are the days of the crappy cardboard glasses, Avatar’s achievements at the box office finally prove that people en-masse are ready to consume 3D content. Despite Avatar’s staggering success, gaming will become the home of 3D, why? Well gaming is all about immersion, about believing that you are the character in the game, making the flag run, jumping for the ledge, making a move on the final bend. Imagine being able to not only take part in the action, but to reach out an touch it. Combine 3D with Motion Controls and head tracking and you have a final product which you can truly say Only. On. PlayStation.

So, if 2009 was the year of the PlayStation, then by looking through this very brief list I can declare that 2010 is not only the year of the PlayStation (again) but also the start of the Decade of the PlayStation! Don’t mistake this for a fanboy article – I’m insanely jealous of quite a few things happening the Xbox 360 – it’s just that if Sony aren’t going to speak up for themselves someone’s got to.