It Only Does MAG… With A Stick

In what seems a strange move to us Europeans especially to us residents of the UK, Sony do actually advertise the PlayStation3 in some parts of the world, namely the US. Yes, I know we get the ‘Start PS3’ ads which flash up on our screens for about 30 seconds the day before Christmas, but in the US Sony advertise… everything, literally!

The ads star Kevin Butler as Vice President and promote the PlayStation 3’s benefits including everything from Blu-ray to the PSN, to all of the blockbuster games. The latest product to get the fantastic Kevin Butler treatment is MAG.

US residents will be familiar with Kevin Butler’s regular TV spots, but this side of the pond his genius is found through YouTube, below is a selection of as many as I can find before my cup of tea gets cold.

The viral ad of the moment is the two month old ‘It only does… Blu-ray” which you can see below, if like me, you’re a Kevin Butler fan then when he’s not appearing in adverts he can be found on Twitter @TheKevinButler so make sure you give him a ‘follow’.