What Does Kratos Taste Like?

The Japanese are regularly linking in game launches with food such as the MGS4 energy drink and now the Americans are getting on the act with the God of War III Slurpee. SCEA have teamed up with 7-Eleven and Mountain Dew to create ‘Kratos Fury’, a custom made GOW flavoured drink, and a series of Slurpee cups featuring artwork from the forthcoming game. So what does Kratos taste like? According to IndustryGamers he is a combination of Blackberry and Lime which sounds suitable – dark yet sharp.

The cups will also have special codes on them that can be redeemed at Slurpee.com for some rather tasty goodies including a bit of free DLC. They are;

  • A behind-the-scenes video, developed by Sony Computer Entertainment’s Santa Monica Studios exclusively for 7-Eleven, that takes you through the mythos and development of creating the Chimera character – the three-headed beast seen in the God of War III demo.
  • Exclusive armor for Kratos called Morpheus, which unlocks once you’ve played through God of War III
  • A dynamic theme for the PlayStation 3 system that features Kratos’ animated face.  A static theme will also be available.
  • Kratos-themed wallpapers for PCs
  • God of War- or 7-Eleven-themed PlayStation Home t-shirts or Slurpee-themed hoodies available for both males and females.