Splinter Cell: Conviction Date Set In Stone

I’m excited for Splinter Cell: Conviction. Really, really excited, especially after the super-sneaky preview I got a look at when I went to the EuroGamer Expo. The game looks fantastic to be honest, so I was saddened when Ubisoft confirmed that the title was being delayed from its original February release.

Thankfully it seems that Ubisoft haven’t let the whole thing get them down too much, and in a joke that IGN originally missed have confirmed the date by sending the whole IGN crew stones with the new released date etched into it. That’s right the date is now ‘set in stone’ for April 13th.


It’s nice to see developers poking fun at themselves in this way, I prefer it to them taking everything everything far too seriously.

Of course it sucks that the Conviction release slipped, but these things happen and it hopefully it will lead to a more solid title. Oh and for those of you who, like me, realise that games development is still a business this puts the titles release firmly inside the 2010-11 financial year.