THQ Confirm Sequels

Announcing on an investor call, THQ’s Brian Farrell has confirmed what we pretty much already knew: some of THQ’s more lucrative of properties are getting sequels. Games mentioned include Darksiders, Saints Row, Red Faction and the Wii’s de Blob.

A Darksiders sequel is hardly a revelation; especially since the new IP has already shifted 1.2 million units since launch –  quite impressive for a new property.


THQ are looking in pretty good shape at the moment; their UFC Undisputed game has managed to sell 3.5 million copies, and though posting slightly lower than last year’s Q3 net-profit results, CEO Farrell was quite upbeat about the company’s progress, confirming that performance was “in-line” with guidance.

Farrell has also spoken about Red Faction’s next outing and how it will have “robust online multiplayer.”

“We plan to launch a high-quality sequel to Red Faction in fiscal 2011.  Building on their innovative destruction engine, our team at Volition is delivering a quality sequel in the Red Faction universe that will include robust online gameplay. We look forward to showing you why we are excited about these games at E3 this June.”

Source: C&VG