Grouping of Trophies Begin

A feature mentioned in a previous firmware update, the grouping of trophies has begun. If you have MAG, go to your Trophy Collection and see the game’s trophies. Pressing Triangle will reveal an option to group your trophies for Core or Add-on content. Obviously, this confirms something which I’m sure we all knew: MAG will be getting DLC. I had a scour through my games to see if any other games supported this and one result in particular is very intruiging:

  • MAG
  • Darksiders
  • Gravity Crash
  • Zen Pinball

Cast your minds back to the beginning of January when we reported that Darksiders would not be getting any Downloadable Content, so this is a surprise. Seems our favourite retro-shooter Gravity Crash will also be seeing something soon, which is great news.

Source: EU PlayStation Forums, Thanks Pemberton_‏