Lunchtime Discussion: Creation

Today the musical genius and beast of a man Gastos84 takes up the Lunchtime Discussion mantle to talk about user created content

Having recently played the ModNation Racers Beta I found myself pondering the appeal of customisation and user-created content. MNR has many things going for it and let’s face it, kart racers can be played by everyone from your dog to your gran and yet they always manage to provide a laugh or two…even the bad ones. Couple that with the ability to create your own tracks and you have a game that will definitely be attracting a lot of attention when it’s finally released in full.

When LittleBigPlanet burst onto the scene it offered the same thing. Not the kart racing bit obviously but in the sheer level of control given to the player. It was a critical and commercial success, quite rightly in my opinion, but has it managed to keep attention of gamers this far down the line? Are you still playing LBP? Are you still interested in LBP?


Despite masses of items at your disposal there will always be a limit to what you can make and do. LBP and MNR both feature a single player mode but that isn’t their main selling point. My question to you is:

Can creation and customisation hold its own among the other video game genres or is it seen more as a fun addition that will inevitibly lose its appeal over time?

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