PS3 To Get Screensavers?

I quite like the PS3’s new(ish) Dynamic Themes, they’re clever, often pretty slick and a lovely backdrop to your XMB.  However, that’s kind of the problem – with the XMB in the way you don’t really get the chance to see them in all their intended glory, instead having to peer through sometimes poorly designed icons.

However, we believe that this may change in the near future.  Although nobody’s confirmed anything yet, we’re hoping that a future firmware update will allow the PS3 to use Dynamic Themes as a ‘proper’ screensaver, without the XMB icons and any other visual noise by virtue of a stand-alone mode.


We’re not sure whether this new mode will actually be labeled as a screensaver or whether it’ll be something the music playback feature uses as some kind of visualiser, but it’s interesting that Sony haven’t already offered this option – some of the themes, such as the Afrika one, really need to be seen without the XMB on top.

So, stock up on your Dynamic Themes and hopefully at some point we’ll be able to view them in their proverbial birthday suits, as nature intended.