Sonic 4 To Feature Special Stages?

Sonic The Hedgehog 4 might have only just been revealed, but that hasn’t stopped the internet pouring over every last detail.  Happily, said pouring has resulted in some news that pings the bell marked ‘smashing’ – the rotating Special Stages from Sonic 1 appear to be back.

First, view said reveal trailer.  The bit where it says “In 2010 The Adventure Continues” is duplicated below (it’s 3MB, so give it a sec) and is the key to this new rumour.


Sonic 4 GIF

See the sparkly letters?  They’re not sparkling – look closer.  Yes, that’s a 2D spinning level behind the letters, most likely a Special Stage from the end of a level.  If this is true, and SEGA really are taking the new game back to its roots, then TSA Towers is going to be one very happy place to be this Summer.

And if not, and all this is just a cruel tease, then SEGA has a fight on their hands.