PS3 Gets New Invite System

Yaster, part of SCEE’s community team, has detailed the PS3’s new Invite System.  It’s pretty slick, especially if you’re a regular user of the text chat facility built into the PS3’s XMB.

How does it work?  It’s simple: get into a Chat Room, load up a supported game and click the relevant option (for Bioshock 2, this is “Manage Invites”.  From there, select the empty box at the top as normal.


When you do this, though, in addition to inviting from your friends list or a new Online ID, you’ll see Invite From Chat Room – click it, and the XMB will list your current Chat Rooms – pick one and it’ll invite everyone in that lobby.

Awesome, no?

Currently supported games are limited to Bioshock 2, The Aliens vs Predator Demo and Call of Duty: Classic but hopefully the number of titles with this new feature will grow from here.

For images and more information, click this link.