BioShock: The Collection Rated For PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

Five months ago a South African retailer listed Bioshock: The Collection for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It’s been rather quiet since then but now the Brazilian ratings board has listed the compilation, again for PS4 and Xbox One, along with PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.
Presumably the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the games will be a PC port, and we will get all the DLC in the pack as well. 2K have yet to comment on the rumour, but there again they still haven’t officially confirmed XCOM on Vita either and we’ve had loads of leaks about that.

Personally I wouldn’t mind another wander around Rapture in Bioshocks 1 and 2, Infinite I was less impressed with, what about you?

Source: Brazilian Rating Board via Shacknews



  1. Wouldn’t mind BioShock 1 but the other 2, don’t care much for. 3 was just a mess of an ending

    • Mate, if you haven’t you should seriously do some additional reading about the ending of Infinite. I didn’t fully follow it whilst playing through (was confusing admittedly) however I was blown away when I realised how complex (and cool!) the ending was! One of the best stories in a game ever, even though the gameplay felt a bit dated. The DLC was very good though. ;)

      • Agreed – Although a little disjointed at first (in terms of where it fit), it all gets neatly wrapped up in the end, in quite a spectacular fashion.

        Can’t comment on any of the DLC, but assuming it is all 3 full games you get in the package, its not only likely to be great value, but 3 great games too.

      • This is the problem though, why should I have to read extra content to fully understand the game. The game itself should explain things through out to conclude the finally not leave me scratching my head about alternate universe etc.

      • To be honest, you really shouldn’t – If it wasn’t obvious by what was played through as to what actually happened, then I don’t think reading up on stuff will help you either.

        That’s not meant as an insult by the way, just it all fit together nicely for me without me having to read anything.

      • I do agree mate, absolutely. By my own admission I’m terrible at remembering things, names of characters and often don’t pay attention, so I quite often read up if I haven’t followed something (another example is Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture) so that’s why I did with BS Infinite, but I’m glad I did. Not suggesting you didn’t pay attention btw! However, I particularly found Bioshock Infinite hard to follow anyway, which is why – this time – I did read more as I wanted to understand. I guess if some devs don’t make a complex story that might be hard to follow, we’d never get some of these amazing games!

  2. Don’t get why everyone hates BIoshock 2. Felt it was a worthy entry into the franchise.

    I would pretend to care about the collection but i may have to resort to a man not caring GIF as collections are er… meh nowadays.

    • from all that i have ever heard about it, people felt like it was a forced sequal. the story was all wrapped up by the end of the first one so 2 wasn’t needed….or so i’ve been told since i only ever played the first.

      • The story of the first game was wrapped up by the end of the first one, but the point is that the second doesn’t continue precisely from that point nor tap into that particular storyline. It’s more of an offshoot with different protagonists & antagonists (albeit some that appeared or were mentioned in the first game)

        Yes, the story telling wasn’t quite as rich in the second one, but it was still coherent & fit with the rapture lore well. The gameplay was also as good as the first.

        I have to agree with Steven (which doesn’t happen often!)in that I felt it was a worthy successor. The multiplayer was also unexpectedly brilliant after fears that it might just all feel a bit tacked on. Plus, without the multiplayer, I wouldn’t have met people that I am still friends with to this day. So there’s that.

        They are all great games in their own right.

      • I was wondering why hell had frozen over and why pigs are flying today. Thought i finally achieved godhood and gained some rather crappy powers.

        Bioshock 2 always makes me cry due to it’s ending and they managed to make Subject Delta, a rather generic big daddy into a decent character and story.

        I do hope that this may mean that Bioshock will get another entry. :)

  3. Well i only ever played the first one and that was great. got bioshock 2 off plus in jan 2013 and infinite in feb 2014….haven’t started either one. Doesn’t seem like i’m missing out either.

  4. Had 1 & 2 for a long time before actually sitting down and playing them, but when I did, I loved them. I also enjoyed Infinite. Would prefer Bioshock 4 obviously, but will probs pick this up.

  5. Loved the first one, and I really liked Infinite too. They both have the same problem of getting too action-oriented around the half-way mark.

    I used to own the second one but never got round to playing it actually, so I’ll pick this up if it’s a thing.

  6. I enjoyed Infinite but never really got into the first two games, this might be the perfect opportunity to experience the first game at least. It depends if the games are available to purchase individually or not, i probably won’t pick up the whole collection though.

  7. Loved the first, enjoyed the second (multiplayer in particular), detested the third. Felt the gameplay was poor, the story an incoherent mess at times. And lost a lot of the charm the other two had with rapture.

    Saying that, don’t think I’d actually pick these up.

  8. Although all else aside, I have to say that this appearing for release on last gen consoles baffles me a little bit. At least two of the games have been given away on plus in the past (maybe even all three?) & am pretty sure you could easily pick up all three these days for less than £10-£15.

    An XboxOne & PS4 release makes absolute sense (they are great games after all & especially if they have been touched up a bit), but Xbox360 & PS3? Umm, nope. Don’t get that at all.

  9. YES! back to rapture for me!

  10. Would definitely buy this remaster. I don’t understand any of the hate towards 2/Infinite, they were all great.

    • I loved 2 as well, still got the dlc & infinite in me backlog. (along with a shit-load of other games that are gathering dust)

    • I thought Infinite was really good, but then I missed the second one…

      If this does come out I’ll definitely get it as I didn’t really pay a whole of attention while playing and think as a result I missed out on a lot of the nuances of the story….

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