BioShock: The Collection Rated For PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

Five months ago a South African retailer listed Bioshock: The Collection for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It’s been rather quiet since then but now the Brazilian ratings board has listed the compilation, again for PS4 and Xbox One, along with PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.
Presumably the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the games will be a PC port, and we will get all the DLC in the pack as well. 2K have yet to comment on the rumour, but there again they still haven’t officially confirmed XCOM on Vita either and we’ve had loads of leaks about that.

Personally I wouldn’t mind another wander around Rapture in Bioshocks 1 and 2, Infinite I was less impressed with, what about you?

Source: Brazilian Rating Board via Shacknews



  1. Hope this is true. Would love to play through the original again at a better frame rate and resolution.

    • It’s not being classed as a collection of ‘remasters’ though, so it sounds like they will be direct ports. Which is a bit of a shame tbh.

      I mean, its not like these games look terrible in any way, but with a but of polish they could look even better!

      • Yeah but the presumption is that they’ll use the PC versions for the PS4/XB1, so it’ll be running with enhanced visuals (aka high-max PC settings) and at 1080p, 60 FPS. How that sort of thing passes as a remaster is anybody’s guess, but it’s been done with Tomb Raider and Dishonored amongst others.

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