EA.com Editor Flips Out At New Epic Game

Sometimes reporting on what appears in the wonderful world of Twitter is like telling your Mom about a really funny thing someone said in Halo while you were getting shamelessly teabagged. Most of the time, you just had to be there.

Regardless, we thought you might like this snippet from EA.com’s Jeff Green in relation to some secret stuff going on under the auspicious wing of the (former?) Evil Empire. You like secret stuff, right?

Getting his despotic eyeballs exposed to some previews of future EA published games, he had this to say about Epic’s latest offering:

Great day of seeing EA Games label demos/sneaks for the next year. OMG at Epic game. Can’t say anything yet, so I’m just a big tease.

The game is still a year away, and is likely to be Polish developer People Can Fly’s previously announced action title.

Jeff also flagged the tweet with a somewhat questionable hash tag. We won’t repeat it here, but we really hope it has nothing to do with the game. Seriously.