Singularity And Transformers Dated

After running scared from the monstrous might of Modern Warfare 2 late last year only to then choose to remain missing-in-action when its second release window of March loomed, spatially screwy Singularity now has (yet another) release date: June. Considering we can’t think of any other games that immediately jump out during this period – apart from Quantum Theory, Alpha Protocol, After Burner Climax, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days and The Penguins of Madagascar – The Game. OK, so a few actually sprung to mind when we actually thought about it – it sounds like the time-warping FPS title might finally get that breathing space its publisher so desperately believes it needs.

Another game that will appear around the same time will be High Moon Studios’ Transformers: The War For Cybertron, a game we’re tipping to be somewhat of a dark (robot in disguise) horse in 2010.


Joystiq are quoting a May release, while IGN believe it’s June 22nd. Which basically means that the metallic marauders will likely appear whenever the hell they goddamn please. Have you seen the size of Omega Supreme? Guy can come and go whenever he wants in my book.