Halo Reach is “Sandbox”

Fresh back to my hotel after X10 and back into the warm embrace of WiFi I have interesting news from the guys at Bungie. They showed Halo Reach and talked up the increase in polygon count and particle numbers (which make a huge and wonderful difference to the visuals). Among the chat about characters and setting they repeatedly reffered to the much-anticipated shooter as a “Sandbox”.

When pressed on what they actually meant by that they explained that the more open areas of the typical Halo gameplay were “much bigger and more open with lots more to explore”. This came with the admission that they were gearing up for a much bigger launch than they did for ODST, repeatedly emphasising that Halo Reach was definitely a “Full Featured” Halo game.


Full impressions are on the way so stay tuned to the X10 section for my opinion.