Exclusive PS3 News Coming Monday

Gamesradar have tweeted that they have a big PS3 related announcement planned for first thing Monday morning. What could it be? Well, the interweb is aglow with speculation; from a new game, another timed-exclusive finding its way over to the PS3, to some old favourites like MGS4 trophies and a sequel to Syphon Filter. We merely mention it here so you good TSAians can voice your own opinion in the comments below. Go on, don your prescient sage-like hat and let’s see who has scary prognostic powers.

The full tweet reads as follows:


Anyone interested in a World Exclusive PlayStation 3 announcement? Try 8am UK time Monday 15 Feb on GamesRadar.com …

Please note: this could be nothing. Or even something incredibly small – like the confirmation of something we already know about but has yet to receive an official stamp of approval. For example: a release date for the 3D firmware planned for the PS3. Would such news qualify as a “World Exclusive?” Technically. Would we really give two hoots? Probably not.

Whatever it is, you can be assured that we’ll mention it on Monday morning. Call us pessimists but, for some reason, we’re already fortifying ourselves against the bitter tang of future disappointment.