Section 8 PS3 Screens And Timing

As we reported yesterday, Section 8 had an on-off relationship with its PlayStation 3 release potential. This evening we are happy to confirm (via a TimeGate announcement) that it is indeed coming to the PS3 this spring.

Further to that, it has been confrimed that it will be downloadable (no retail disc) from the PlayStation Network. The game will feature “extensive improvements” including eleven multiplayer maps which are unavailable on any other system at retail.


There are a few innovative features which might interest some: Section 8 will make use of TGNServer Technology which allows users to host their own 32-player games from their own PC and will allow stat-tracking and clan management via the Section 8 website. They have also shown further commitment to the multiplayer side of things with “Burn-In” spawning whereby the player drops onto the map in real time from 15,000 feet. This effectively ends the possibility of spawn-camping. Another multiplayer innovation is the Dynamic Combat Missions (DMCs) where mission objectives are activated in real-time.

For more information or to keep track of your stats and clans once the game launches go to but for now, just feast your eyes on the gallery below.