Afterburner Finally Climaxes

It might not always be obvious, but there are reasons we love SEGA. Quick, arcade-style titles are one of them, drenched in colour and cheesy rock-synth nonsense and designed for short bursts of pure fun. Much like Outrun Arcade, Afterburner Climax offers exactly the same sort of instant gratification that the PSN Store and Marketplace need so much.

Take one look and tell me this isn’t going to be fantastic:


Sadly, there’s no online competitive play, but this just means the team have had more time to focus on a riveting single player experience without bloating up the package.  The game will be playable at next week’s Xbox 360 Shooting Festa event in Japan, at which point everyone’s expecting a firm release date.  Can’t wait, let’s hope it’s soon.

Thanks, AndriaSang.