Lost Planet 2 Shrunk To Fit 360

Lost Planet 2’s producer Jun Takeuchi has told Japan’s Famitsu magazine that content was cut to fit the 360’s DVD. With production of Lost Planet 2 now almost complete ahead of the game’s release at the end of March Famitsu asked Takeuchi-san whether the development had gone well:

“There weren’t any big problems. More troubling than any development problems was having to keep cutting out content.

We included a lot in this release, and by the end it became a battle with the disc capacity.

Truly, we were weeping as we were forced to cut stuff.

That stuff might be available as DLC in the future – look forward to it.”

Given the criticism that Resident Evil 5’s Versus Mode attracted, it is not hard to imagine that when any future premium DLC for Lost Planet 2 hits the digital stores PS3 owners will feel somewhat aggrieved to potentially be paying for content that was cut from the game simply to allow it to fit on a 360 DVD.


The struggle to get their cross-platform titles to fit within the 6.8GB available on a 360 DVD is becoming something of a recurring theme for Capcom and Jun Takeuchi.  The most recent instance being the forthcoming Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition.

While the PS3 Blu-ray version has everything on disc, 360 owners will find their DVD is accompanied by a voucher so they can download the additional content, presumably also limiting the 360 version’s value should you want to trade it in when you are done with it.

This all ties in nicely with yesterday’s statements from SCEA’s Rob Dyer that Sony and the PS3 serve publishers better.  With Sony seeing the battle moving from exclusive titles to exclusive content the, roughly, seven times greater storage capacity of Blu-ray versus 360 DVDs is a powerful weapon.

Source: livedoor.jp blog.