Friday Fight #8

Kratos won again! 31 votes to 10 in favour of the Ghost of Sparta. Some of you suggested that Kratos should be handicapped for his next fight but that wouldn’t make a fair now, would it?

This week, however, an opponent has stepped up that could possibly topple Kratos’ reign. He may not appear like much of a threat, but, all the way from the 1960’s, I give you…KRATOS VS THE END. He may not be as forgiving with Kratos as he is with Snake.


Kratos’ Pros:

  • Angrier than wasp that’s been trapped in a jam jar and shaken furiously
  • Go-faster stripe for intimidation
  • Two extremely sharp blades seared to his wrists via chains which can be used in all manners of destructive and violent ways
  • Magic powers, including lightning attacks
  • Penchant for ripping limbs off bodies and shoving them back down their owner’s throat

The End Pros:

  • Master of camouflage
  • Master Sniper
  • Quieter than Kerry Katona’s career
  • Has a crude map of the world on his head
  • Has a Parrot acting as a spotter

Kratos’ Cons:

  • Sluggish at times and a little slow
  • Limited attack range
  • Silly beard

The End Cons:

  • Might fall asleep
  • Technically dead
  • May be distracted by food caught in his beard