Blade Kitten Announced

Announced over on the official US PlayStation blog, Krome Studios will soon be giving us Blade Kitten, a HD 2.5 platforming exclusive for the PS3.

The titular protagonist, Kit Ballard, is a “cat-girl” with a penchant for sword-play and beating on robots with her alien side-kick Spiffy. The blade in question is a semi-sentient “big sword” as producer Steve Stamatiadis likes to put it; a weapon that can free-float and has enough AI to know when to step in and save your fur.


From the trailer (found over at the blog if you’re interested) and the graphical direction as seen in the below screenshot, we think Blade Kitten could be a guilty pleasure. It also reminds us of Strider for some reason – probably all that skidding and slapping things with a blade.

Blade Kitten is expected to scratch its way on to the PSN this spring.