Blade Kitten Episode 2 Released, Five Years After Episode 1

If you think Telltale are a little tardy when it comes to releasing the next episode of their latest blockbuster then spare a thought for Blade Kitten fans who bought the first episode of the game five years ago and have had nothing since.

Released for the XBLA, PlayStation Network and PC, Blade Kitten the game is based on a popular comic book franchise and was a side scrolling beat ’em up. The second chapter was original meant to be released “three of four months later” after the first episode.


Developers Krome are making light of the rather long gap between episode one and two with press release referring to “ancient prophecies found alongside the buried storage tapes” and a story written in “barely comprehensible 2010-era English”.

Blade Kitten : Episode 2 is currently only available for Windows PC on Steam as DLC for the original game.

Maybe if we wait another five years they might port the DLC to PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Press release


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  1. I actually liked the first game, would like it to come to at least the Vita.

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